Travel to Bariloche, the essential guide

One of the main destinations to visit in Patagonia Argentina is the city of Bariloche, located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park and the famous Lake District. Here is the ultimate guide to travel to Bariloche, perfect for planning your trip to Patagonia.

Orientation, travel to Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is located in the northwest of the province of Río Negro, and is surrounded by the Andes mountain range and the Nahuel Huapi lake. It stands out for its impressive landscapes, from high snowy peaks of the Andes mountain range, the crystal clear waters of the Nahuel Huapi lake and the abundant vegetation of the forests.

Getting there and away Bariloche

If you arrive to the country through Buenos Aires, there are regular and direct flights to Bariloche from this city. Also, thanks to low cost airlines, there are direct flights from Mendoza and Córdoba. The city’s airport is 14 km away from the city center, you can take bus line 72 or a taxi.

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If you travel to Bariloche by long-distance buses, there are several companies that connect it with the rest of the country or even with Chile. Keep in mind that the distances are very long (from Buenos Aires to Bariloche there are more 1,500 km) so it is a day trip. The Bus Terminal of Bariloche is very close to downtown, you can take a taxi or remis to go to your hotel.

If you are planning to rent a car to travel through Patagonia, Bariloche is located on the mythical route 40, which crosses Argentina from south to north. Continuing from Bariloche to the south, you can reach El Bolsón or Esquel, must-see places in Patagonia. And if you go to the north, you can visit Villa La Angostura and San Martín de los Andes. The car rental offices are located near the Centro Cívico or at the airport.

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Travel to Patagonia, the essential guide

Best time to travel to Bariloche

Depending on the season, the weather can be very different, so it is very important to know the best time to visit Bariloche.

During late-spring and summer, from November to March, temperatures throughout the day are pleasant and the average do not generally exceed 30 ºC (86 ºF). At night, you may need to take a coat with you because temperature drops. This time of year is ideal for hiking in the mountains, kayaking and fishing in the lake.

As of April, weather starts getting colder, although it doesn’t snow in the city until winter.

At the beginning of June and until September it begins to snow mainly in the highest areas of Bariloche, perfect for those who want to go skiing in the ski resort Cerro Catedral. Temperatures are low throughout the day, falling frequently below 0 ºC (32 ºF). Keep in mind that the days are short in terms of sunlight.

In general, Bariloche has a mountain climate, so it is usually very changeable throughout the day, you can get up with sun and heat, and in the afternoon the rains and the cold can arrive (or viceversa). It also tends to be windy.

Getting around Bariloche

There are two options to getting around Bariloche, one is using taxis or remises and the other is to use public transport.

There are several public bus lines that make the most tourist routes. Take line 10 to visit Colonia Suiza, line 20 that runs along the Exequiel Bustillo avenue to visit Llao Llao hotel, line 55 to go to Cerro Catedral and line 72 to go to the airport.

🚌 Check routes and schedules of the lines in the Mibus website (in Spanish).

To pay the ticket, you have to buy a SUBE card (plastic card with the size of credit cards) and charge it at many of the stores that are “Puntos Sube”. Once on the bus, you have to tell the bus driver where are you going, hold your card over the electronic reader and the appropriate fare will be discounted from your SUBE card. You can also use the balance in other argentinian cities.

📌 See more in the SUBE official webpage (in Spanish).

Accomodation in Bariloche

What could be better than making a base in Bariloche to tour the city and its surroundings? It is an incredible place, with dream landscapes, where you can enjoy nature, chocolate, skiing and craft beer.

And best of all, there are options for all preferences and budgets. From hostels to cabins, hotels and campsites. What matters is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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Bariloche must-see sights and attractions

Bariloche is one of the most beautiful cities in Argentina and is an ideal destination for nature, adventure and culture lovers. In Bariloche you can enjoy amazing landscapes, outdoor activities, typical gastronomy and much more.

– Activities to do in Bariloche

– Itineraries for travel to Bariloche

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