Bariloche in 2 days, the best itinerary

Ranked as one of the wonders to visit in Patagonia Argentina, visiting Bariloche in 2 days is a must if you want to see the main attractions of this magical place.

Bariloche is one of the top destinations in Patagonia Argentina. On the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi and surrounded by several hills and a ski resort, this is one of the places you should spend a few days.

It is a perfect place for nature lovers both in summer and winter as there are several hiking trails to do in the surroundings, and even hikes a few kilometres away such as the one to the Tronador Mount or a scenic drive through the 7 Lakes circuit.

Perhaps two days is not enough to get to know the city and its surroundings in depth, but at least it is enough to observe the beauty of the Patagonian forests and hills, to taste a homemade chocolate, to stroll through the city centre and to make one of the best excursions in Bariloche.

We have designed this ideal itinerary in Bariloche in 2 days so that you don’t miss the essential things to see in the Patagonian city.

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Things to do in Bariloche in 2 days

Day 1: Circuito Chico and city centre

Day 2: Excursion to Victoria Island and Arrayanes forest. Climbing Cerro Catedral

Day 1: Circuito Chico and Bariloche city centre

The tour of Bariloche begins on a scenic route called Circuito Chico. It is a must to do in Bariloche in 2 days, as the road runs along a 60 kilometre stretch of the Nahuel Huapi and Moreno lakes, allowing you to observe the characteristic landscape of the Argentinean Patagonia with its forests, trails and viewpoints. There are several must-see stops along the way:

  • Cerro Campanario: accessible by chairlift, it is ideal for a panoramic view of the Nahuel Huapi lake with the mountains of the Cordillera de los Andes in the background.
  • Llao Llao Hotel: it is a symbol of the city and one of the most luxurious hotels in the Argentinean Patagonia. Set in a dreamlike landscape and surrounded by a golf course, the interiors are wonderful with wood-panelled lounges and large windows with views. If you can afford the expensive accommodation, do so, but you can also go for tea or refreshments and see the inside of the halls without having to stay.
  • Stop at the local Cerveza Patagonia or the restaurant Punto Panoramico. At lunch time these two places are ideal to take a break, taste a Patagonian dish and if you are not driving, drink a craft beer. The best thing is the view of the lake Perito Moreno.
  • Visit Colonia Suiza . this village is ideal for an hour’s walk. Founded by Swiss settlers, it retains its artisan atmosphere with many shops. If you haven’t eaten at the previous stop, this is a good place to try curanto, a typical meal consisting of cooking meat and vegetables on hot rocks covered with blankets and earth, the preparation of which has been passed down from generation to generation.

It takes about six hours to cover Circuito Chico. There are two ways to do this, by renting a car in Bariloche or with a half-day sightseeing tour of the Circuito Chico, which includes bus transport and guide.

In the afternoon-evening you can relax by visiting the city centre, starting with the Centro Civico, one of the symbols of Bariloche with its characteristic stone floor and located in a setting of wood-panelled buildings such as the City Hall.

Passing through the arches of the Centro Civico, you reach Mitre Street, the most commercial street in the city. Here it is a good time to stop at one of the chocolate shops to taste the typical handmade chocolate of the city. There are many brands, but we recommend Rapa Nui, which even has a ski slope inside in winter.

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The tour ends with a visit to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Nahuel Huapi, on the shores of the lake of the same name, with its imposing high tower.

For dining in Bariloche we recommend the area behind the Centro Civico between Avenida Angel Gallardo, Pascasio Moreno street and Villegas street. There are many restaurants with different types of food and bars.

Day 2 in Bariloche: Excursion to Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest and Catedral Hill

One of the best excursions in Bariloche in 2 days is to visit Victoria Island and the Arrayanes Forest. The excursion is spectacular as you sail on a catamaran across the Nahuel Huapi Lake until you reach Victoria Island, one of the largest in the lake.

This small island land in the middle of the lake is characterised by forests. There is a small trekking route to do and enjoy the surroundings.

The navigation continues until we reach the second stop, the Arrayanes forest. Located on the Quetrihué peninsula, on the outskirts of the city of Villa La Angostura, this protected area is characterised by a large number of myrtle trees, a tree with a cinnamon-coloured trunk that can coexist with other species in the area. The tour is guided and takes place on wooden walkways.

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Bariloche in 2 days, excursion to Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest

In the afternoon, whether in summer or winter, Mount Catedral is another must-see in Bariloche in 2 days. In winter it is one of the most important ski resorts in Patagonia Argentina and in summer there are many adventure activities to do such as climbing and zip-lining.

Moreover, Cerro Catedral is a mini-city in itself. It has two large shopping centres, Plaza Amancay and Shopping Las Terrazas, many places to eat and hotels.

Whether you want to practice an activity or not, going up by cable car allows you to have one of the best views of Bariloche from the top. Savouring a meal or snack at one of the sites of Catedral hill with views of the lake and mountains is unrepeatable.

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Where to stay in Bariloche

Bariloche is one of the best prepared cities to accommodate tourists. It is one of the places that receives the most national tourists, and foreign tourism is not far behind either, with a large presence of mainly Brazilians.

There is a wide range of accommodation in Bariloche, from cabins overlooking the lake to hotels in the city centre and budget accommodation.

🏨 See here where to stay in Bariloche and find your ideal accommodation.

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