Ushuaia in 2 days, the best itinerary

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, is a must-see destination in Patagonia Argentina. If you have little time to visit the city and its surroundings we have designed the best itinerary to visit Ushuaia in 2 days.

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, is located in a privileged natural environment. On the shores of the Beagle Channel, between mountains and glaciers, Ushuaia offers a unique experience for nature lovers.

There are many activities to do in Ushuaia, starting with the trails through the Tierra del Fuego National Park to discover the flora and fauna of the area, including penguins and beavers.

It is also possible to sail the Beagle Channel to the lighthouse, or visit the prison and the End of the World train, two historical places that give meaning to the name of the city.

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How many days are necessary to visit Ushuaia?

To see only the essentials, you need at least two days. If you want to do more outdoor activities such as hiking in the Tierra del Fuego National Park or excursions into the Patagonian forest, you need at least 4 days.

In this article we will focus on the essential things to do in Ushuaia in 2 days.

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Ushuaia in 2 days

Things to do in Ushuaia in 2 days

Day 1: End of the World Train and trekking through Tierra del Fuego National Park to the End of the World Post Office.

Day 2: sailing through the Beagle Channel and visit to the Presidio Museum.

Day 1, End of the World Train and Tierra del Fuego National Park

The first day in Ushuaia is all about enjoying nature. The Tierra del Fuego National Park, located a few kilometres from the city, offers a great variety of trails to walk and visit incredible places. Here you can appreciate the beauty of the Patagonian landscape in its purest form.

While there are a myriad of national park trails to do, if you only have two days to visit Ushuaia, we recommend the most popular trail within the park that starts at Ensenada Bay and ends at Lapataia Bay.

This trail allows you to go deep into the Patagonian forest. On this trail, you will see lenga forests, lakes, rivers and, if you are lucky, the occasional beaver. The final point is the so-called Correo from the End of the World, a site where you can send a postcard to your family and friends from the end of the world.

📝 To access the Tierra del Fuego National Park : entrance fee. You can check the updated prices on the official website of Argentina’s national parks.

Another of the essential visits in Ushuaia in 2 days is to take a ride on the so-called End of the World Trainm a train that ran between the city centre and Mount Susana, transporting convicts from the prison to the Patagonian forest to cutting and moving wood that was used for heating homes.

The prison is now just a museum, but the train has been converted into a tourist attraction. It runs for about seven kilometres, preserving the steam engine and carriages of yesteryear. It is an amazing experience to do.

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For dinner in Ushuia on the first day, we recommend Ramos Generales El Almacén, a bodegón founded at the beginning of the 20th century with a decoration that seems to turn back the clock. You can try various dishes, one of their specialities is black hake.

Day 2: Navigation through the Beagle Channel and visit to Ushuaia’s city centre.

Ushuaia is located on the shores of the Beagle Channel, a strait that joins the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and is characterised by rough sailing waters.

One of the activities to do in Ushuaia in 2 days is the exciting navigation through the Beagle Channel. There are various types of excursion that can be done in the Beagle Channel, a short one to see only the lighthouse Les Éclaireurs, bird and wolf island, a longer excursion that includes Martillo Island and a Patagonian ranch and an intermediate mentioned below.

If you only have two days in Ushuaia, we recommend a tour lasting four and a half hours in total. This excursion includes the lighthouse Les Éclaireurs, known as the lighthouse of the End of the World although it is not, the island of birds and sea lions, and the hammerhead island, habitat of Magellanic penguins.

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In the afternoon it is time for a stroll through the city centre. There are many museums to visit in Ushuaia, but the star of the show is the Maritime and Presidio Museum of Ushuaia.

From 1920 to 1947 it was one of the Argentinean prisons with the worst conditions for prisoners and forced labour under extreme temperature conditions. Dreaded prisoners were sent to the prison at the End of the World and within its walls numerous fearsome legends are preserved, including characters such as Petiso Orejudo or Mateo Banks.

The visit to the prison of the End of the World goes through the old cells and the guide tells the characters and myths that housed the enclosure.

The same place houses the Ushuaia Maritime Museum, Maritime Art Museum and Antarctic Museum, which shows how the sea and the people of Ushuaia have been connected since ancient times.

If you have time, another place to see in Ushuaia in 2 days is the Museo del Fin del Mundo (Museum of the End of the World), where the shipwrecks on the Beagle Channel and the relics in objects left by the first settlers of Ushuaia stand out.

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For dinner in Ushuaia on the second day, we recommend El Viejo Marino, a great restaurant for seafood in Ushuaia. Its star dish is spider crab. It is advisable to go early as there is usually a queue to get in.

Where to stay in Ushuaia

The centre of Ushuaia is home to most hotels, hostels and aparts. Any accommodation in the city centre will be ideal to base yourself and make excursions to different places.

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There is also the option of cabins on the outskirts, although you will need to be mobile to get from one place to another.

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Ushuaia in 2 days