Travel to Puerto Madryn, the essential guide

Here is a complete guide to travel to Puerto Madryn, one of the favorite destinations in Patagonia for Argentines and tourists. Its coastal promenade, its extensive beaches, whale watching and the Península Valdés, are very attractive for visitors.

Orientation, travel to Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn is located in the northeast of the province of Chubut, and on the shores of the Golfo Nuevo. It stands out, above all, for its extensive beaches, its natural surroundings and the southern right whale watching from June to November.

Getting there and away

If you are a foreigner arriving the country through Buenos Aires, there are direct flights to Trelew from there. Airport is 65 km away from Puerto Madryn, through a new highway. There are also flights from Córdoba, Bahía Blanca, El Calafate or Ushuaia, although with much less frequency.

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The journey between Trelew airport and Puerto Madryn can be done by rental car or express minivan that drops you off at your hotel in Puerto Madryn. Another option is to take a taxi from the airport to the Trelew Bus Terminal and from there a bus to Puerto Madryn.

🚘 Check here for transfers from Trelew airport to your hotel in downtown Puerto Madryn.

🚘 Check here for transfers from Puerto Madryn airport to your hotel in downtown.

If you choose to travel to Puerto Madryn by bus, you have a lot of connections with Buenos Aires and with the Andes area of Patagonia. Keep in mind that the distances are long (from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn there are more than 1,300 km) so it is a day trip. Puerto Madryn Bus Terminal is located in the center of the city, you can even walk to the hotel, or take a bus.

If you are going to rent a car to travel through Patagonia, Puerto Madryn is on route 3, which starts in Buenos Aires and crosses the entire Argentine Patagonia along the east coast to the city of Rio Gallegos (then continues until Ushuaia, where it ends). To rent a car, it can be done at Trelew airport, or directly in the center of the city of Puerto Madryn.

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Travel to Puerto Madryn, the guide

Best time to travel to Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn has a climate typical of the Patagonian plateau, with scarce rainfall throughout the year and very little vegetation. Being on the shores of the sea, it usually has a windy climate.

The summer is hot, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees, perfect for enjoying the beach, strolling along the waterfront and outdoor sports. At night the temperature drops, but it is always pleasant and not cold.

The months of September to November are the ideal time for whale watching, as the weather in the afternoon is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 20 degrees. The night is cold, but not below 0 degrees.

Winter is windy and cold, daylight is shorter. From April to June is the low season in Puerto Madryn, when you can not enjoy the beach and whales are not yet there.

Getting around Puerto Madryn

While the center of Puerto Madryn can be easily walked, as the distances are short, there are two options to move around the city: one is the taxis and remises and the other is to do it by public transport.

There are 6 lines of public buses that takes you around the city. The company that provides the service is Ceferino del Sur, although it does not reach the most popular tourist destinations on the outskirts of the city, such as El Doradillo beach or Península Valdés. You can see the route of each of the lines from here.

🚌 Check routes and schedules of the lines in the Puerto Madryn government website (in Spanish and with map).

If you want to visit Península Valdés by public transport, the only option is the company Mar y Valle, which leaves from the Trelew Bus Terminal, stops at the Puerto Madryn Bus Terminal, and arrives at Puerto Pirámides. However, depending on the day and time of year, the daily frequency of service varies from one to four per day.

Accommodation in Puerto Madryn

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Must-see sights and attractions

– Activities to do in Puerto Madryn

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Travel to Puerto Madryn, essential guide