Top 5 must-see in Puerto Natales

Here are the top 5 things to do in Puerto Natales, a city to make base to travel its surroundings, including Torres del Paine National Park.

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1) Torres del Paine National Park

Of course, Torres del Paine National Park is one of the essential places to see in Puerto Natales. Thousands of tourists come here every year to do the trekking circuits, surrounded by a spectacular landscape of lakes and high snow-covered mountains, with great unevenness in the terrain. The Macizo del Paine and the peaks Cuerno del Paine and Las Torres, are two of the most impressive sites of the place. It is said that the landscapes seen in Torres del Paine are unique in the world, not to be missed!

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Things to do in Puerto Natales

2) Mylodon Cave

About 25 km from Puerto Natales, this cave preserves signs of human life from 11,000 years ago, so it is of great value from a paleontological point of view. Its name comes from the Mylodon, a large mammal that inhabited these lands five thousand years ago, and whose replica made on the entrance to the cave shows the proportions of the animal.

In addition the place is spectacular from the landscape point of view, with a great slope of about 30 meters high on the rock. For all these reasons, it is also essential to see in Puerto Natales.

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3) Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers

In high season, one of the essential things to do in Puerto Natales is sailing to see the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers. This area of Chilean Patagonia is characterized by high mountains and the large number of glaciers.

The excursion starts from Puerto Natales, lasts all day and takes place in the middle of high mountains and a dream landscape. The view of the Balmaceda glacier is usually from the boat. Then, you arrive at Puerto Toro, where you disembark and trek for about 20 minutes to the viewpoint of the Serrano glacier.

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4) Puerto Natales coastal promenade

Although the city does not have great attractions, one of the essential places to see in Puerto Natales is its waterfront. With an extension of no more than two kilometers, you can walk it from end to end, observing the landscape of the mountains in the background and the comings and goings of small boats. It is a place where beautiful photos can be taken, such as the emblematic Historical Pier. In addition, the place is habitat of flamingos.

🔎 Puerto Natales seafront promenade

5) Visit The Singular Hotel

The Singular is a luxury hotel that operates in the old Bories refrigerated warehouse building, located 5 km from Puerto Natales. The importance of this construction is that the refrigerator gave birth to the city of Puerto Natales and was the main exporter of sheep in the area. Nowadays, the main façade of the building is preserved and old machinery is exhibited in the place.

Although it is a place to stay for travelers with high purchasing power, one can have a drink in the bar or visit the museum. In addition, the hotel is located within a fascinating natural environment.

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Other things to do in Puerto Natales

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Things to do in Puerto Natales