Tulip Field in Trevelín, How to Get There

The tulip field in Trevelín has gained its tourist fame thanks to the photos that have been appearing on social networks in recent years. Colourful and in a marvellous natural setting, here is information on how to get there, what to see, opening times and prices.

The surroundings of Esquel have breathtaking scenery with lakes, snow-capped mountains and the Los Alerces National Park as a protagonist. In the vicinity of Trevelín, a town that maintains its Welsh traditions, a small farmer started planting tulips many years ago.

It is now a tourist attraction in addition to the many activities to do in the area. In October, the tulip field is a must-see. If you are planning to visit it, here is all the information you need to know about it.

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Where is the tulip field in Trevelín?

It is located 100 metres from route 259 that connects Argentina with Chile in the Nant y Fall Protected Natural Area, 13 kilometres from Trevelín and 40 kilometres from Esquel. It can be reached by car or by a day trip from Trevelín.

Which is the tulip season in Trevelin?

The time to visit the Trevelin tulip field is from October 1st to November 7th from 10 am to 7 pm. It is only open to tourists on these dates as this is the time when it flowers and the different colours can be seen as if they were untapiz with the mountainous landscape of the snow-capped mountains in the background.

From 8 November onwards, the visit to the field closes and the harvesting of the flowers for their subsequent sale on the market begins.

How to walk through the tulip field in Trevelín

The farm is privately owned by the Ledesma family, who have been cultivating tulips for more than 25 years.

A few years ago they decided to open the property during the flowering season to tourism and it was a real success. The tour is a self-guided circuit with explanatory signs about the cultivation, flowering and harvesting of tulips, detailing the surrounding natural wonders such as Gorsedd Hill and Cwmwl.

You can walk around and take pictures as long as you like during the opening hours (from 10 am to 7 pm).

In addition, at the entrance to the tulip field in Trevelín there is a small food court where you can enjoy draft beer, steaks, hamburgers, fries and traditional Welsh cakes. A delight!

tulip field in Trevelin

Tulip field prices 2023

  • Rate over 12 years of age: 1.500 pesos
  • Children under 12 are free of charge

What to do around the tulip field in Trevelín

Trevelín’s tulip field is part of the Gales tourist circuit and there are many attractions nearby to visit and spend the day:

  • Nant and Fall Waterfalls: just four kilometres from the tulip fields, this is a circuit to view three waterfalls that reach almost 50 metres high, and which is done on trails through cypress forests. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the journey. There are toilets, tables and even a grocery store where you can buy something.
  • Winery Viñas del Nant y Fall: next to the tulip fields. Agro-tourism enterprise that allows you to visit the vineyards, taste high quality wines, buy regional products and even sleep in the camping area by the Nantifal stream.
  • Molino Nant Fach: is located six kilometres from the tulip fields, following the road along route 259 towards Chile. It is one of the many mills installed by the Welsh at the beginning of the 20th century. The tour is guided and explains the operation produced by the spring water. In addition, there is a small museum that replicates a warehouse of the time with antique items and tools.

📷 If you do not have your own car to visit these tourist sites, you can hire an excursion from Esquel to visit the Nant and Fall waterfalls and the mill.

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tulip field in Trevelin

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