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Puerto Natales coastal promenade, a unique walking tour

Walking along the Puerto Natales coastal promenade is one of the activities to do if you visit this city in the extreme south of Chile

Walking along the Puerto Natales coastal promenade is one more activity that can be done in the city, to see the landscapes on the Señoret channel, the picturesque piers, monuments and the little houses that face the calm sea.

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Puerto Natales is located in the extreme south of Chile and serves as a base for visiting the Torres del Paine National Park, surrounded by mountains and lakes. It is worthwhile to visit its beautiful coastline to see unique Patagonian landscapes.

Puerto Natales coastal promenade walk

The Puerto Natales waterfront is almost 3 kilometers long and follows the Señoret channel. It extends from the roundabout of Route 9 that gives access to the city to the north until the end of Pedro Montt Avenue, ideal for walking, observing the landscape and the movement of the piers.

During the stroll by the coastal promenade of Puerto Natales you are going to observe in the background the mountainous chains that are around the city, between which the mounts Balmaceda, Mocho, Tenerife, Ballena and Benítez stand out. Particularly, during the winter season, the water of the channel together with the snowy peaks of the hills generate a spectacular landscape.

If you are a fauna lover, especially birds, a walk along the coast of Puerto Natales allows you to see seagulls, black-necked swans, cormorants and flamingos, ideal for taking pictures!

There are benches along the way to sit down, enjoy the scenery and listen to the sound of the sea. You will realize that a total peace reigns, only interrupted by the passing of some fishing boat.

But the walk along the coastal promenade of Puerto Natales also has other surprises, which we detail below:

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1. Monument of the Hand

This sculpture of 5 fingers of a hand emerging from the ground was built in 1993 in memory of the Natales week, and was made by Juan Andrade with the help of the inhabitants of the city.

The sculpture is similar to the original one by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal that is on the beach in Punta del Este. But mostly they wanted to make a replica in the south of the country of the sculpture The Hand of the Desert (by the same artist) that is in the Atacama Desert in the north of the country.

2. Monument to the Mylodon

This huge mammal inhabited the area thousands of years ago and many fossil remains have been found in the so-called Mylodon Cave, which can be visited. In virtue of all this, Puerto Natales has paid homage to it with a large sculpture at the entrance to the city.

3. Braun & Blanchard Historic Pier

One of the most photographed places if you go for a walk along the waterfront of Puerto Natales, is the old historic pier of which today only the wooden structure that served as support remains. The wooden poles that used to support the dock stick out over the water, giving a picture worthy of a photo for Instagram.

Travel tip: Sunset gives the best colors to photograph this dock, so we recommend a visit towards the end of the day.

4. Indigo Pier in the Puerto Natales coastal promenade

This dock is more modern than the previous one mentioned, with a wooden walkway that goes in a few meters over the sea. Next to the dock, there is a large circular surface with a skatepark and the sculpture known as Monument to the Wind.

Actually its original name is much more romantic: «Amores de Viento en Natales» (Love of Wind in Natales). It was made in 2012 by the Chilean sculptor Marcela Romagnoli.

5. Fisherman’s Pier

Already on the southern end of the coastal promenade of Puerto Natales is the port area, with many small fishing boats of different colors. The place is also very photogenic.

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